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Around the world.

Global Partners

At Midland Reformed Church, it is important to us to not only support the local community that God has placed us in, but also to partner with others who share our vision of loving God, loving others and leading change across the world.

Doug McClintic

RCA Europe

Doug and Dianne McClintic help Horth American congregations partner with the next generation of European churches as they develop a strategy of local empowerment, collaboration and evaluation.

Pokot Project

African Inland Church (RCA)

The African Inland Church's clinic provides basic quality healthcare and health education for the underserved Pokot community in Kenya.

Anthony & Sara Sytsma

Resonate Global Mission

Ong term ministry in East Africa in the areas of theological education and agricultural development.

Words of Hope


A non-profit, donor supported publication whose goal is to encourage readers to grow in faith through the practice of daily Bible reading and prayer.

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