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Sunday Mornings

Children are welcome to participate in all worship services at MRC with their families. They are invited to exit the main service at 10:30am to attend programs especially designed to help them learn and understand our loving God, Jesus our Savior, and their own role in God's world.  Worship and Wonder goes year round while Footsteps and Quest run during the school year.

Wednesday Evenings

We kick off the night with a free meal for the whole family served from 5:15-6:00.  Even if you don't have children in our programs, you are welcome to come and enjoy the food and family atmosphere.  The focus for our mid-week programs is to teach children that God and His love are real and to show them how to live in response to that love. Adults work to build Godly, lasting relationships with kids as they model grace and love. In addition to the weekly lessons and activities listed below Family Fun Nights are nestled into the schedule. These are great opportunities for inter-generational relationships to grow.

Parent Ministry

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Since parental involvement is so vital to the faith life that a child develops, we want to empower and equip parents with tools that can help them in the long process of guiding their children in the way of Jesus. We have partnered with a ministry called and they provide some great tools that parents can use in their own homes and at their own pace. We encourage you to check out and engage the "Family Experiences" for each year of your child’s life. Visit our youth ministries page for a link to Family Experience options for grades 6-12. For more information read this Letter to Parents.
We realize that it can sometimes seem like children and youth ministries are just a bunch of programs thrown together without any overarching theme or plan. So, we want to provide as much clarity as possible to the process of a child’s spiritual development here at Midland Reformed Church. If you would like to learn more about how we picture that process happening please read our Spiritual Road Map.


The matrix below is meant to be an easy to reference tool to help parents and ministry leaders keep our goals and mission at the forefront. Please click on any of the columns to find descriptions for the terms and titles listed.

Faith Family

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